How to wash clothes in washing machine

Looking for an easy way of how to wash clothes in washing machine or you are tired of washing clothes by hand? Don’t worry, we are just right here to add convenience to your life. We have combined basics, how to use a washing machine? what washing machine cycles and settings you can use?

Everyone must know clothes washing techniques so you can wash clothes without needing someone’s help. It is the best way to keep your clothes fresh, crisp and prevent them from start smelling. Let’s start to read our article that will explore the features of the washing machine.

What settings and cycles needs for your clothing?

There are different settings for different types of clothes to give you completely clean and wrinkle-free clothes without causing any problem. There may be a chance of seeping of colors if you add colored clothes with white tops for a wash then it can discolor the white clothing. Hence it is better to separate your clothing before putting them into the washing machine.

Each washing machine will display its settings in a different way. Always remember to check the manual to familiarize yourself with the available settings and cycles of the washing machine. So let’s find out what settings need to wash clothes in washing machine and what happens in each washing cycle.

Normal – Suitable for cotton and colored mixed fabrics. This washing cycle uses warm water (30 or 40oC) to wash the clothes and then cold-water rinse, with moderate agitation speeds. Washing detergents like Persil Small & Mighty work well at 30oC as at 40oC.

Whites – Designed especially for white clothing to keep them clean. This cycle uses the hottest water (60 or 90oC) and the intense agitation speeds available to remove dirt completely.

Delicates – Suitable for lace and other fabrics that can be damaged by a vigorous wash. This gentle cycle utilizes cold water and low agitation speeds. It’s best to use a gentle washing detergent powder for delicate items, like Persil Silk & Wool.

Permanent Press – Used for no-iron fabrics to keep the properties of the fabric intact. This is the same as the normal setting but is constantly sprayed with water to keep the clothes moist during the spin cycle.

Quick Rinse – Use to wash small and a little bit dirty, stained clothes. This features utilizes less amount of water by saving energy bills. Hence it is worthwhile to invest in a laundry product like Persil small & mighty, which also offers excellent performance for quick washing.

Pre-wash – Great for very dirty loads of clothing that require rigorous cleaning. Pre-wash is an extra rinse cycle, it does not use detergent with cold water.

How to wash clothes in washing machine

Let’s take a closer look at the simple steps on how to wash clothes in washing machine.

Separate your clothes: Remember two things, while washing your clothes; What color of clothes and what material clothes are made of. All fabrics cannot deal with the same amount of water pressure or level of tumbling.
Separate light and dark-colored clothes: Some new clothes or dark-colored clothes start to lose color when washed.

All white, cream, or light, pale pastel color clothes should be kept separate and all other darl-colored clothes should be kept separate. If you will not follow this, white clothes can be turned into dark ones by seeping dark colors onto them.
Separate clothes according to fabric: This is because some types of fabric require a heavy-wash cycle or some require a gentle wash cycle.
For example, fabrics like denim or thick cloth require a heavier wash cycle while fabric like cotton, silky lingerie, soft-clothes requires a delicate setting. Hence it better to separate clothes according to the wash cycle they require.
Carefully read the ‘care label’: Clothing tags are not just sewn into clothing, they are really there to help guide the washing process. If you are unsure how to wash clothes then you must check the tag. It informs you about the material of the cloth, how the fabric should be washed and how to dry clothes. Some of the clothes require only dry-cleaning or washed by hand.
Choose the water temperature:
Different temperature settings are available in the washing machine as some clothes and colors need different levels of heat to wash. These settings differ between semi-automatic and automatic machines.
⦁ Cotton items need to be washed in cold water because cotton doesn’t shrink in cold water.
⦁ Cold water is required for dark colors because cold water reduces the amount of color that runs from these clothes.
⦁ Light color requires hot water because the heat helps to remove the stains out of the white clothing.

What size load setting to select: The washing machine features a knob that allows you to choose the right size load for your laundry. If you fill one-third of the machine with clothing, you must choose small. For two-third of the machine, choose the medium setting. If you fill the whole machine then choose a large setting.

Avoid pressing down clothes to putting extra clothing. Run another load for extra wash otherwise you will be responsible for jamming the machine or damaging it in some other way. It gives you ease to wash clothes in washing machine.

Select appropriate washing cycle: Along with the temperature settings, different wash cycles also available as different types of clothing require a different level of washing. Choose the cycle we have mentioned above for suitable clothing so you can easily wash clothes in washing machine.

Mix the suitable washing fluid and shut the door: Washing fluid is nothing but the detergent, bleach, and fabric softener. Simply put the clothes in a washing machine and add the right washing fluid to it. Or you can first fill the washer ⅓ with water, pour the washing fluid, and then throw the clothes in the machine.
Detergent: How much detergent to add depends on how large your load is. Detergent lids act as measuring cups that come with markings. Normally, ⅓ cup of detergent is suitable for a small load, ⅔ cup for a medium load, a full cup is for a large load. The deterrent bottle comes with instructions that you need to read to know how to use detergent.
Bleach: Used to remove tough stains from clothes or for white colors. It comes in two types, Chlorine bleach is only suitable for white clothes, and all-fabric bleach for colored fabrics.
Fabric softener: This needs to add during the rinse cycle. Some machines feature a dispenser that allows pouring the softener when you start the wash cycle, and it will mix it to the rinse cycle at the right time.

Shift the clothes to the dryer and choose the right cycle: Some clothes need to be air-dried. First, check the label of the clothing, if it is not then hang those items outside to dry. The dryer also comes with the settings that you need to choose to dry your clothes. Finally, add the dryer sheet and shut the door.

Final Verdict:

I hope our step-by-step instruction guide has helped you to know about how to wash clothes in washing machine. You should properly check the type of clothing as well as types of fabric so that you choose the perfect settings for your laundry. By choosing perfect wash settings and following instructions, you will get clean and fresh clothing. So, let’s enjoy a laundry wash. In addition to this, after washing your clothes, don’t leave your machine as it is. Giving a perfect clean to your washing machine is also important. You can prefer the best washing machine cleaners to clean your washer effectively.

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