How To Choose The Best Tumble Dryer
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How To Choose The Best Tumble Dryer

If you have a pile of clothes in front of you when you wake up in the morning, how angry is it?

Buying the best tumble dryer in such a situation may be the best option for you. No matter how many clothes, this is a perfect option for people who have a small space in their home. If you don’t have enough space for a Spacious Clothes Washing Line, a tumble dryer can help you dry your clothes in the shortest amount of time.

Let’s Know Some Facts About Choosing Best Tumble Dryers:

how to choose the best tumble dryer for home use

The most important thing is what type of tumble dryer you are looking for? You should also look into the space issue and the budget you want to spend. Don’t worry, you have come to the perfect place. We fully guide you on the features of the tumble dryer and how much the dryer will cost.

If you are looking for a portable tumble dryer then you must go for a freestanding tumble dryer. These best tumble dryers allow you to move them from one place to another. It usually comes with standard dimensions that fit easily under a countertop at 85 cm height and 60 cm width and depth.

Another is the integrated tumble dryer that is designed to fit in the kitchen or anywhere it can be hidden. These dryers are a bit more expensive and smaller in size than freestanding machines.

Semi-integrated tumble dryers are also more expensive than free-standing models. Even if the dryer drum is hidden behind the door, this dryer will show the control panel.

There are mainly three types of tumble dryers are available: Vented, Condenser, or Heat Pump.

Vented Tumble Dryer: These dryers draw warm, moist air out of the window through a flexible hose. You need to leave the hose permanently in the wall or you can do it outside the window. It is more traditional and more affordable than the condenser model. This dryer must be installed near a window or through an external wall vent.

Condenser Dryers: These small tumble dryer condenser extract the water out of the moist air directly into the container, which you have to remove regularly. It offers convenient handling but costs more than a vented dryer. These dryers can be installed anywhere in the house as they do not need to be installed outside the hose.

Heat Pump Dryer: This type of dryer is more efficient than others because it uses smart technology to dry your clothes. The hot air is reheated by a heat pump dryer to dry the clothes. It saves your time to empty the water tank as the water in this dryer evaporates for further use. Heat pump dryers are more expensive than others due to their special features. It also saves a lot of electricity.

As the technologies are developing very fastly, the tumble dryers are also equipped with special features such as sensor technology. Let’s make a decision on whether to buy sensor dryers or manual dryers.

Sensor Dryers:
These are the automatic dryers that integrate sensors inside a drum so that helps a dryer to detect when laundry is dry. Once it is detected, a dryer stops automatically. It means there is no need to set a timer, you simply have to insert clothes, and then you are free to do any work. Sensor dryers are costly than manual ones.

Manual Dryers:
These best tumble dryers need to be programmed manually. These dryers are cheaper than sensor dryers. If you overdrying your laundry then it may increase your billing charges and also may harm your clothing.

What Features Makes It Best?

Anti-Creases Feature: It allows a tumble dryer to continue run at the end of the cycle to prevent creases and saves your ironing efforts.

Delay Timer: It is the best feature that allows you to start your tumble dryer at the time you want to dry clothes. No matter whether it is night or day, you just have to set a time and the tumble dryer will start to drying your clothes.

Reverse Function: Tumble dryer can run clockwise or anti-clockwise. This feature reverses the direction of the drum on the last cycle to stop the crease and refreshes the clothes, ironing perfectly for quick wear.

Door: The larger the door, the easier it will be to load and unload clothes. It should be easy to open and will not come back when you open it.

Filter Full Indicator: This alerts you when the tumble dryer’s filter is full so you can empty it. This way, you can keep your machine in the best working condition.

Water Container: Water containers should be easy to remove and access. Some dryers incorporate a water container at the bottom that becomes difficult to remove.

How Much Will It Cost To Run?

The cost of running the best tumble dryer depends on the efficiency of the machine and how you use it. An average load of 5 kilograms a week can cost up to £23 per year. If you want to reduce energy bills, it’s better to do a big load than a small chat a week.

What Precautions Should Be Taken?

You must have to check the wash care labels for suitability as some can withstand tumble drying.

Don’t forget to separate the fabrics before drying and put the same type of fabrics together so you can also reduce drying time and energy bills.

For quick drying, shake the fabric before loading it into the dryer. If you put them together, it will take longer to dry.

Avoid overloading your dump dryer and do not add heavy clothing at the same time. Adding heavy objects at a time can prevent air circulation in the drum which can lead to dryer overheating.

To maintain the high-efficiency of the machine, clean the lint filter regularly. After a few months, you need to clean the drum with white vinegar, stainless-steel cleaner, or Black Mould Removers so you can keep the best tumble dryer in better condition. In the case of a condenser dryer, follow the user guide to learn how to remove the heat exchanger. After that, you can clean it under the tap.

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