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8 Best Lint Remover UK 2021 – Top Lint Remover Reviewed

The most excellent lint remover is a device that assists in the removal of animal hair from your clothes. Most of the time animal hair or other substances sting and cling to our sweaters and jeans. So, our clothes and sweaters start looking full of lint, fluff, and fuzzy clothes. Lint is a remover device that helps us with this problem. It removes fuzz, fluff, and lint from clothes.

If you want to remove lint and fuzz from your clothes efficiently, the device must have high-performance. It is recommended for you to choose the best lint remover. The Most Powerful Clothes Remover UK, which does not have sharp blades or rotatory power, cannot remove the lint balls at all.

Also, low-quality lint remover cannot work after three to four uses. Only the best-quality lint remover can help you with this work. But the question is where to find such a lint remover?

Well, you can find the best lint remover UK online by following our guidelines. We have researched various products and prepared a list of the best lint remover UK.

TIP: Also, with the Most Effective Smelling Fabric Softener UK you can give your expensive and loved clothes a new lease of life.

Our Ultimate Picks: 8 Best Lint Remover UK 2021

1. Philips Fabric Shaver – Blue, GC026/00

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This is our favorite lint remover that has never disappointed us. Philips Fabric shaver offers the dating in the philippinesthat efficiently removes lint and fluff from the garment. It also removes lint or fluff from the soft and delicate garments without damaging them.

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Key Features

  • Has a larger and powerful blade
  • Covers large area of the sweater
  • Has height adjustment feature
  • Easy to Use and Elegant design

This is a lightweight and practical Philips fabric shaver that comes with three adjustable settings. These three settings are adjusted according to the magnitude and amount of the fluff removed.


  • Three sizes of the holes handle all types of pills
  • Pills container can be easily installed as well as removed
  • The pump of the device is automatic
  • Made of good quality and durable plastic material


  • Users have complained that the blades go blunt after a few uses

Customers have given positive views and high ratings for this best clothes bobble remover for large clothes. This is the smartest kit of the best lint remover machine that you can avail in the market easily.

2. Severin Device for Cleaning Clothes CS 7976

 Severin Device for Cleaning Clothes CS 7976, White, Small uk reviews

Severin came out on top in our tests. The results did not surprise us as Severin also currently holds the second position in our best lint remover roundup. This is the Best Wool Bobble Remover UK that removes bobbles, lint, and fluff from our clothes. This is a top-quality best debobbler not only for clothes but also for carpets and wool clothes or other home items.


Key Features

  • Removes tufts and bristles from the clothes
  • Has sharp blades
  • Handy clothes cleaning machine
  • Has removable lint remover tank

This is a portable and lightweight lint shaver that efficiently removes lint and fluff from the clothes. It removes lint from your clothes efficiently without damaging any bit of the fabric.


  • Has on/off switch button
  • Easy to use and portable device
  • Works with efficient batteries
  • Has a transparent container


  • Users have complained that this device rips open some of the clothes always

This is a versatile and best lint remover machine for big wool surfaces that are offered with nozzles for carpets, curtains, and other household items. It is one of the best lint removers UK.

3. SUPER LINT Electric Sweater Shaver

SUPER LINT Best Rated Electric Sweater Shaver Best Fuzz Pill Bobble Remover for Fabric Fleece Curtains Clothes, Baby Blue & Silver uk reviews

SUPER LINT is the Effective Best Electric Lint Remover that removes bobbles, pills, fuzz, etc. from the fabric most efficiently. It can remove fuzziness from your padded furniture items also. So, this is the best deal that you can get in the market.


Key Features

  • Has stainless steel rotary blades
  • Works with two power sources
  • Has a 70-inch long power cord
  • Ultra-Safe and Secure to Use

This is an excellent fluff remover that brings back premium-quality and newer shine of the clothes and other items back. It maintains the newness of the clothes. We found this lint remover more reliable in the UK market.


  • Ideal for various types of items such as woolen skirts, socks, bedding sets, plush toys, furniture, etc
  • Shaver has a safe-lock design
  • The blade of the lint remover is replaceable
  • Handles can be comfortably gripped in the hands
  • This lint remover machine is offered with a 100% money-back guarantee


  • Users have complained that this lint remover does not remove bobbles from the clothes efficiently

Rated as the best lint remover for clothes UK, You should not waste your investment on cheaper items as you will run the risk of damaging your clothes and other household items. Consumers should check the benefits of Super Lint fabric shaver. Super Lint Fabric Shaver is the fuzz remover.

4. JOYHILL Portable Fabric Shaver

JOYHILL Portable Fabric Shaver, Electric Lint Remover with Lint Roller, USB Charging Bobble Remover for Clothes,Fabrics and Furniture uk reviews

JoyHill offers an outstanding way to remove lint, fuzz, and fluff from clothes. This Powerful Best Lint Roller offers a great way to keep your clothes, curtains, and bedding all-new. Our tests found that this lint remover is really easy to use and a high-quality fabric shaver machine.


Key Features

  • Equipped with three cutting blades
  • Cordless and portable fabric shaver
  • Features a safety lock mechanism
  • Multipurpose fabric shaver

Multiple sizes of the mesh are inserted in the defluffer for the removal of different sizes of bobbles, fluff, and fuzz from the clothes. So, Joyhill removes bobbles from clothes most efficiently.


  • Comes with brushes so you can clean the device most efficiently
  • This cordless clothes defluffer is rechargeable by USB
  • Lightweight, portable, and convenient to carry anywhere
  • A travel-friendly and small-sized fabric shaver
  • Shaving face consists of the 65-mm anti-size


  • Users have said that the on/off switch button of the lint remover does not work efficiently

Whether thin or thick coats, this is the best clothes pill remover for all kinds of lints. It removes lint and fluff from the thickest coats as well.

5. Electric Knaff Electric USB Rechargeable Lint Remover

Kanff Electric Lint Remover,Usb Rechargeable fuzz off best Lint Remover Clothes Fabric Carpet Bobble Fluff Removing Shaver uk reviews

Do not throw away your favorite old sweaters and woolen clothes now. Knaff Electric Lint Shaver machine works efficiently for removing bobbles, fuzz, and lint from the clothes.


Key Features

  • Features stronger suction power
  • Has an oval round big blade
  • Equipped with three wide and washable rotary blades
  • Maintains the elegance of your clothes, beddings, and other curtains

Knaff lint remover is the best lint remover, which is capable of removing lint and frizz from clothes, upholstery, carpets, drapes, blankets, and more household woolen items efficiently. As per our research, this is definitely the trustable brand for buying lint remover.


  • Comes with 1 brush and 1 manual instruction
  • Works effortlessly and efficiently
  • Features anti-skid switch and safety lock mechanism
  • Has huge capacity for storage of the lint


  • Users have complained that it does not function powerfully when it is powered by batteries

Rated as the best fabric shaver for sweaters, it removes lint, fluff, and fuzz from your clothes and varieties of household items efficiently. With its safety lock mechanism, your children also remain safe and sound.

6. AlwaysLux Professional and High-Quality Sweater Shaver

 Alwayslux EasyLint Professional Sweater Shaver Best Rated Lint Fuzz Pill Remover for Clothes, Fabrics and Furniture. Includes Zipper Storage Case uk reviews

We like to recommend this Best Portable Lint Remover for commercial purposes. With its high-quality and rugged construction, it is rated and reviewed highly as the best-quality professional sweater by the professionals.


Key Features

  • Equipped with 5 watts powerful motor
  • Powered by adaptor as well as battery
  • Specially designed for pill remover of furniture and clothes
  • Blades of the device are replaceable

The amazing quality of the fabric and replaceable blade gives the product durability. If the device stops working, you can get blades replaced and get a brand new fabric shaver likewise.


  • Offered with a UK plug
  • Comes with the amazing carry case for the fabric shaver
  • Has multipurpose application
  • The company offers good-quality customer support
  • Packed with the spare blade and very stylish carry case


  • Users have complained that there is some issue with the start button of the device

All in all, this is a super-quality electric lint shaver for furniture and clothes that works efficiently without stopping for a second. It traps the biggest fluffs and lint and makes your clothes all-new.

7. Hillington Fabric Lint Shaver

Hillington Fabric Lint Shaver, Battery or Mains Power, Large Shaving Head to Remove Bobbles, Fluff and Leave Clothes and Fabrics uk reviews

When it comes to the great coverage for the clothes, then we are pretty sure the Hillington is made for you. It is a well-renowned company in the market that has offered Large-Sized Clothes Defluffer. It assists users in maintaining the newness of the clothes.


Key Features

  • Consists of excellent and durable material
  • Suitable for all types of garments, beddings, and curtains
  • Has amazing suction power
  • Easily removes traps of lint from the fabric

It has a large-sized shaving head, which gives great coverage to the clothes. This clothes dust remover also has a practical and ergonomic handle, which makes it highly convenient.


  • Comes with multiple options of power – can be operated with an adaptor as well as batteries
  • Has three sharp cutting blades that work efficiently
  • Has a stainless steel body
  • Offers quicker release for the cleaning of the device


  • Users have complained that the on button only works when it is pressed continuously

With the consistent power supply, the best pilling remover for travel use works fast and removes fluff and lint from clothes efficiently. This is the best lint remover UK device.

8. SunSmiler Fabric Shaver Lint Remover

Sunsmiler Fabric Shaver Lint Remover 2-Speeds Included Extra six Blade Portable Clothes Shaver for Efficient Bobbles Fuzz Removing uk reviews

SunSmiler is a Compact Best Fabric Shaver UK that removes lint with its extra-fast blades. We found this remover is more efficient and quick in removing lint from the fabric.


Key Features

  • Equipped with an amazingly powerful motor
  • Has three sharp cutting blades
  • Made of the best quality material
  • Offers great coverage to the area

SunSmiler offers a simple, ergonomic, and top-quality design that offers great grip. So, you can utilize this clothes bobble remover for an extended period of time.


  • Highly portable, convenient, and small lint remover tool
  • Comfortable for prolonged usage
  • Has safe-lock mechanism
  • Battery-operated fabric shaver


  • Users have complained this fabric shaver does not have a comprehensive manual instruction booklet

Each button is specifically described on the device so users can find it easy to use the lint remover tool. Its design is also simple to understand and use. This is the best lint remover UK for thick lints.

Bottom Line

There are so many people who opine that garments with collected lint, fluff, and fuzz should be thrown away. But why should you throw away your garments at all? Buy one of the above high-quality, durable, high-performing, and most efficient lint remover UK. Our first vote goes to the Philips Fabric Shaver, which is the best lint remover UK product of all others.

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