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Top 5 Best Commercial Washing Machine UK 2021 – Which One Is Best?

Washing machines can be really costly and dig holes in your pocket but there are some commercial washing machines with the most advanced features and great looks available at reasonable prices. You can wash your clothes in the washing machine without any hassle. These machines are efficient, long-lasting, and perform exceptionally well.

Heavy-Duty Commercial Washing Machine

We have spent hours searching for the best commercial washing machine through recommendations, expert advice, and customer feedback.

Whether you require the best commercial washing machine for hotels, launderettes, schools, hospitals, or a sports club, some commercial washers are perfect for every company or organization.

If you are looking for the best buy, you can check our top choices which all are reliable. As well as, if you are looking for a discount you need to buy it in a smart way using a debit card. Let us read a few things about these best commercial washing machines.

Here is the list of our top 8 Best Commercial Washing Machine available in the United Kingdom:

Our Top 5 Picks Best Commercial Washing Machine UK

1. Hoover H3W49TE 9KG Washing Machine

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Our top pick is the Hoover H3W49TE Washing machine, its all fantastic features justify its higher price. This Best Commercial Washer UK confirms that all dirty clothes get the best level of washing with the Hoover H Wash 9 Kg 1400rpm Spinning Washing Machine. You can also operate this industrial washer from your mobile phone.



  • The benefits of this machine are firstly the dimensions
  • The machine has a superb capacity of 9kgs
  • The timer automatically adjusts to delays
  • There is a proper standard capacity cycle
  • The yearly energy consumption is around 218 Kilowatt/ her
  • The maximum rotational speed is average
  • The energy consumption capacity is 218 Kilowatt/ hr
  • The rotational speed is hardly 1400 revolutions every second
  • The weight is suitable around 6kgs
  • There is a warranty of 1 year
  • The counter depth is absolutely superb
  • It has a convenient front-load system


  • The spinning process makes a lot of noise

This best commercial washing machine for laundry has KG mode which automatically measures the stuff that you are washing. It fixes the right time as well as the power for the entire load. This basically means that you won’t have to work hard in any way. You just sit, wait and let the computer do the work for you.

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 Candy Smart Pro CS149TE Free Standing Washing Machine, Best Commercial Washing Machine 9 kg Load, 1400 rpm, White uk reviews

When it comes to an extensive load-bearing capacity, an unbelievable spin speed, and an A+++ energy rating, we suggest the Candy Smart Pro Freestanding Washing Machine which will be the right pick for you. There are a total of 14 wash cycles that you can select from. This professional washing machine can also delay the cycle start time by 1 day. The spin and temperature settings keep changing and help you to fix the spin speed and temperature cycles.



  • The KG Mode is absolutely a favorable option. It measures the weight in the initial four minutes and fixes the length of the program and the amount of water consumed on the basis of that
  • There will be 3 washing cycles which will work for 60 odd minutes and make sure that all your clothes get cleaned up in the shortest possible time
  • It remains connected to NFC. You can easily connect through the app on your android phone and get the additional cycles loaded, begin with the cycles, and make diagnostic checks work
  • The changing spin and temperature feature works really well. It helps you fix the spin speed and temperature based on the cycles so that you can perform regular diagnostic checks
  • You can easily change the settings for the stain level depending on how dirt-laden your clothes are
  • There are three levels that are available for your convenience. The levels are Energy Efficiency and Product Fiche


  • This washing machine has no cons as such

This is the best industrial laundry machine for medium-sized households. The folds and creases on your clothing simplify the entire ironing process. It comes along with the foremost NFC technology that helps you connect your android phone with the machine, hence helping you download all the additional programs and run a diagnosis on your machine.

3. Beko Freestanding Washing Machine

Beko WTG820M1W 8kg 1200prm Freestanding Washing Machine Best Commercial Washing Machine- White uk reviews

Our another heavy-duty favorite commercial washing machine that has never disappointed us. This Heavy Duty Washing Machine has all the power to make your huge pile of laundry stuff shine like a bright diamond. It has a humongous 8 kg drum and is a superb choice for mid-sized houses. It has no bad effect on the environment.



  • This works wonders, especially in commercial spaces. It gets your clothes washed in just 28 minutes
  • This actually means that it can handle heavy commercial laundry in hardly 28 minutes
  • The dimensions are compact and suitable


  • This machine is extremely noisy
  • The wash timing doesn’t work properly

The special cotton program works on the mechanism of high temperatures and consistent drum movements to clean away the dirt and grime from the fabrics so that the clothing of various materials looks spotless and crystal clear.

This is the best commercial washer for a small laundry business. If you are in an extreme hurry and wish to get your favorite outfit shining clean within the shortest time, this machine will be extremely useful.

4. Bosch WAU28R90GB Washing Machine – White

 Bosch WAU28R90GB Serie 6 9kg 1400rpm Freestanding Washing Machine - White uk reviews

This Professional Washing Machine UK has a capacity of handling around 9 kg weight and can accommodate an average of 45 clothes at a time. It removes all the common marks. It can clean clothes perfectly well in 65% less time. You can use the Powerful Black Mould Remover for cleaning your commercial washer. We found this commercial washing machine more efficient which operates smoothly.



  • The drum structure is unique and allows comfortable washing
  • It also controls water consumption because there is a sensor-controlled, convenient, and automatic load adjustment mechanism
  • The high-quality A+++ Energy rating helps you save your electricity bills as well. It hardly consumes 152 kWh per year
  • The spin speed, capacity, energy efficiency, and all are of the best class
  • It can easily manage a complete pile of laundry. It is safe for the environment and the dryer dries the clothes really well. You can save a lot of money if you invest in this machine


  • It might get broken if not handled with care
  • The parts are delicate

There is a 24-hour delay timer present in the machine that helps you operate the washer in the most convenient way. These best commercial washing machines for hotels are energy efficient, operate smoothly, and have an unbelievable warranty of 10 long years.

5. Cater-Wash 18KG Heavy Duty Washing Machine

 Cater-Wash 18KG Heavy Duty Washing Machine. A+++. 800rpm Spin - With sanitise wash and Add steam uk reviews

This Efficient Commercial Washer Dryer is constructed by one of the largest and most respectable manufacturers in the world. It is by far considered to be the best washing machine in the U.K in terms of its performance, efficiency and trustworthiness. It’s of humongous size. Almost 18kgs. You can easily wash heavy clothes in one load.



  • It has an 18 keg capacity
  • The exterior has a stunning white finish
    The drum is made of the best quality steel to adjust with all kinds of extreme washing temperatures and increased spin speeds
  • The design is tried, tested, and proven to carry around the load for the best wash results. The drain pump is also easy to install and works best in every way
  • The moisture extraction capability of this best commercial washing machine reduces the drying time as well as the cost to a great extent
  • You can regulate the temperature, speed, and all on the basis of your personal preferences
  • You get around 12 preset wash cycles to take care of the heavy load of clothes
  • There is also a LED screen that shows your wash progress and remaining time
  • It also has a vibration control technology embedded in it. This technology brings down the vibration levels during the spinning process. This basically protects your clothes and machine parts, hence increasing the lifeline of the machine parts
  • You can also add steam, as this feature helps you to slowly add some heat to the heavy load of clothes
  • It also makes the process of removing stains and creases super easy
  • There is the extra rinse feature for heavily soiled, dirty clothes. You can also make use of the acoustic ‘end of cycle’ signal
  • The speed wash feature decreases the washing time and can also wash regular clothing or one item at a time
  • The machine has a child lock system and pre-soak feature for extremely dirty items
  • My cycle option helps you control the wash cycle and choose your most commonly used wash cycle
  • You can fix your temperature, spin speed, etc, and pressing the cycle button will provide you with desired results Anytime you press the cycle button, you’ll get similar results
  • The delay wash feature helps you to set the start time so that the end time remains according to your convenience


  • Difficult to set up and fix
  • This washing machine has no major cons

We like to recommend this commercial washer for busy restaurants. It saves precious time as well as money. It comes with a superb guarantee for commercial use. This is why whenever you wash equine laundry, hotel laundry, or regular household laundry, the special Cater Wash large capacity machine takes care of all your laundry requirements.

Bottom Line

In case you need to purchase some best commercial washing machines or high-capacity machines for your home, industry, organization, factory, office, etc, this guide will be helpful for you. Check out the various aspects of a washing machine such as designs, warranty period, features, weight, color, and all before you decide to purchase the best commercial washing machine.