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The Best Black Mould Remover UK – Top 8 Picks of 2021

Mould occurs on the damp areas of the house that do not receive much air. Cellar points and bathroom corners are the top areas wherein black mould gets accumulated. These moulds are not only bad for the indoor air quality but also for the residents of the house. Black mould should be prevented from growing in the house.
In case, black moulds are growing in the damp areas of your house, you must cut its growth by spraying black mould removers.
There are low-quality as well as High-Quality Powerful Mould Removers available. If you use low-quality mould removers, they will not cut the growth or prevent them completely. Consumers should only consider the top-quality mould removers spray.

Following we have compiled up a list of the best black mould removers UK that have super-quality:

Check the Best Black Mould Remover UK 2021

1. HG 186050106 Mould Spray

HG 186050106 Mould Spray best black mould remover uk reviews

HG mould spray is the good dating websites, which cuts down the growth of moulds, bacteria, fungus as well as algae in your bathroom.

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Key Features

  • Efficient remover of the black and brown mould
  • Consists of 500 grams of the spray liquid
  • Available in an easy-to-use spray bottle
  • Highly effective in the prevention of re-growth of mould

Users can also utilize the black mould remover for removing tea and coffee stains. Instructions should be followed closely so as to avail the best results most efficiently.


  • Cleanses black mould within half an hour
  • Black mould gets removed with just a single swipe
  • Also cleans the bathroom tiles efficiently
  • Black moulds never grow in the area that is treated with the Black Mould Remover


  • HG Black Mould Remover UK has a strong smell

We selected this black mould remover as the perfect mould killer for bathrooms, It is quite easy to apply the HG black mould remover. You just need to wait for half an hour after the application of HG Black Mould Remover Spray. Then, wipe it off with the sponge. The area should be immaculately clean.

2. Kilrock Mould Spray

 Kilrock BLASTMOULDSPRAY Blast Away Mould Spray 500 mL uk reviews

We like to suggest this Kilrock’s High-Quality Best Mould Spray for the removal of black mould in the house. This is a professional-level black mould remover, which brings back the shine of the tiles or areas where black mould lives.


Key Features

  • Made for removal of black mould from interior house
  • Ideal for cleaning furniture, patios, balconies, and walls
  • Suitable for cleaning of tiles as well
  • Top-quality Black Mould Remover
  • Consists of 500 ML Mould Spray

No matter how powerful and deep the black mould has grown, Kilrock removes black mould efficiently. It is a very powerful best black mould remover spray.


  • Swipes clean black mould efficiently on all kinds of surfaces
  • Does not require any manual hard work – just swipe it off
  • Takes a few minutes for removing black mould
  • Gives best results – makes your bathroom all brand-new


  • This product has a quite toxic smell. If your bathroom does not window, you should not use it cautiously

Most of the reviewers have asserted that this best mould remover for algae stains prevents the formation of the black mould forever. So, you will not have to invest in any other black mould remover product anymore – just one spray bottle of Kilrock is sufficient.

3. Astonish Mildew and Mould Remover

 Astonish Mould & Mildew Remover - 750 ml uk reviews

Another highest rating black mould remover on our list, Astonish offers a large pack of the Cheap Mould and Mildew Remover, which can be used on multiple surfaces for removing black mould. This is one of the best black mould removers UK.


Key Features

  • Made to remove 99.9% of bacteria on the surface used
  • The perfect solution for ultimate removal of the black mould
  • Prevents return of the black mould
  • Easy to use mould and mildew remover
  • Consists of the 750 ML Mould Remover Spray Liquid

It is quite easier to utilize the Astonish Mould Remover, which does not involve any scrubbing at all. This is a highly powerful bleach formula that kills bacteria and removes black mould efficiently.


  • Offers multipurpose application
  • Features highly effective black mould remover formula
  • Offers a long-lasting solution for killing mold and bacteria
  • Available at quite an affordable price
  • Does not require any laborious manual work


  • It can cause eye irritation, skin allergies, or other side effects. So, users should remain cautious while using the product

This is the best black mould remover for walls that removes mould from the walls, windows, or any other surface most effectively. Its formula works well.

4. Cillit Bang Power Cleaner Black Mould Remover

 Cillit Bang Power Cleaner Black Mould Remover 750ml (2 Packs) uk reviews

Cillit promises to be the No# 1 Brand of Powerful Best Black Mould Remover UK that efficiently removes the black mould from walls and other damp surfaces in the kitchen, bathroom, garages, etc. We found this product is the most efficient that you can avail of in the market.


Key Features

  • Shows visible power in a matter of seconds
  • Kills 99.9% of bacteria of the black moulded area
  • Works efficiently for erasing
  • Features turbo power active formula

Cillit Bang Power Cleaner is an efficient mould prevention spray that works magically within seconds. It is only one of few best black mould remover that remove black mould in a matter of few seconds.


  • Ideally manufactured for removal of huge black mould from damp areas
  • Offers multipurpose application on the platforms
  • Hopeless and toughest black mould areas also get removed easily
  • The formula is highly effective.


  • It cannot be used on a few surfaces such as marble, granite, etc

Users have given highly positive reviews about the performance of the Cillit product. They have said that this is one of the best black mould spray for damp areas.

5. Dettol Anti-Bacterial Mould Remover

 Dettol Anti-Bacterial Mould and Mildew Remover, 750 ml, Pack of 3 uk reviews

Dettol is a world-renowned brand of antibacterial wipes soaps and sprays. This is the Best Mould Prevention Spray, which is offered by the most famous Dettol brand.


Key Features

  • Removes ingrained mildew and mould efficiently
  • Has highly effective bleaching formula
  • Prevents growth and re-growth of the mould
  • Easy to Use mould remover

You can use best mould killer product on multiple surfaces such as ceramic, glass, grout, chrome, stainless steel, Formica, and plastics, acrylic bathtubs, basins, etc.


  • Has a good fragrance
  • Removes all bacteria from the area as well
  • Durable and convenient Dettol spray bottle
  • Can be used at any corner of the house


  • Users have complained that they received ineffective Dettol spray bottles

Dettol Anti-Bacterial mildew and mould cleaner are one of the most efficient removers of mould. This is indeed one of the best mould removers UK for ceramic tiles and grout, While testing we noticed one of the most amazing qualities of this product is that it can be used throughout the house.

6. 02 Liters Curtain Magic Instant Black Mould and Mildew Remover

Curtain Magic Instant Black Mould & Mildew Remover Spray Cleaner uk reviews

This is a Most Effective Curtain Magic Mould Remover UK, which can be applied to various types of surfaces. 02 liters of spray liquid is packed that efficiently cleanses awnings, windows, tiles area, bathroom, kitchen, garages, etc.


Key Features

  • 2L packed in the bottle
  • Tested and Proved Black Mould Cleaner
  • Works efficiently for removing moulds from curtain lining
  • Made for cleaning mould from all kinds of curtains

These mould removal products has been manufactured for cleaning black mould from curtains and awnings. Awnings and curtains stand in the outdoor area wherein rains or weather cause black mould. So, they need a black mould removal such as Curtain Black Mould Removal for looking chic and clean.


  • Efficiently cleans all kinds of blinds as well
  • Prevents regrowth of mold on the curtains and blinds
  • Has 100% satisfactory formula
  • Easy to use liquid spray


  • Users have complained that this is not a high-quality product

Rated as the best mould and mildew remover for all curtain fabrics, There are many positive reviews and ratings of this product that enforced us to add this cleaner to our top 8 picks.

7. Mrs Gleam’s Efficient Mould Remover

 Mrs Gleam's Instant Mould Remover, 750ml with Spray Jet Trigger uk reviews

This is our listed another super quality mould removal product offered by Mrs Glean. Made of high-quality substances, Mrs Gleam is an efficient and Highly Effective Best Mould Remover UK.


Key Features

  • Efficient cleaner of mould and mildew
  • Comes packed in a user-friendly spray
  • Works amazingly on PVC and Tiles
  • Has 100% effective mould cleaning formula

Whether black mould has grown in the kitchen or bathroom, you can use Mrs Gleam for cleaning the kitchen or bathroom nicely.


  • Comes with the highly adjustable trigger spray
  • Works out efficiently for cleaning the mould within seconds
  • Enhances shine and luster of the affected area
  • Comes in a user-friendly and convenient bottle


  • This product has a strong smell.

Rated as the best mould spray for kitchens, which develops in warm and damp conditions, affects the health of the house residents. So, use Mrs Gleam’s formula and get rid of it efficiently.

8. Fovely Remover of Black Mould

Fovely 90g Household Mold Miracle Remover Gel Mildew Caulk Remover Wall Mold Cleaner uk reviews

Are you looking for a budget-friendly cleaner? You may be interested in the Fovely Remover of Black Mould, which we recommend as the Professional Mould Cleaner. Molds at the edges of the tiles and bathtubs ruin the entire look of the house. House should remain clean for maintenance of house cleanliness as well as indoor air quality.


Key Features

  • Efficient solution for removal of mould
  • Removes mould within a few seconds
  • Has a gel form
  • Features a highly effective mould cleaner formula

This best mould remover comes in a gel form that tackles the moulds most effectively. You can remove the mildew and moulds from the affected with its application in a few seconds.


  • Effectively cleans tile grouts, washbasins, refrigerator, kitchen tiles, etc.
  • Easy Use tube
  • Gel is transparent
  • Easily settles down on the affected area
  • Has an anti-odor feature


  • Not as effective as other black mould removers in this list

Rated as the best budget mould remover for showers and bathtubs, this is an affordable solution for people who do not want to purchase an expensive black mould remover.

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Bottom Line

As with everything else, prevention is better than getting a cure for a problem. You should prevent the growth of the mould instead of cutting down its growth in your house now and then. You should use the best black mould remover UK that does not only reduce its growth but prevents its return as well. So, choose any of the above products without any doubt and start removing all black moulds from your house now.

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